Web Developer Student

Hey ! Hello, I'm Valentin Dautrement

I build things for the web and I love what I do :D




I am a young web developer student, passionate about back-end technologies and open-source projects ! In my spare time I love tinkering with technologies like VR, body tracking and electronics. I also use Unity, Blender and Substance Painter to use on some personal projects. I am currently looking for an internship in web development to improve my skills and learn new ones ! And to finish, I love hiking, photography and video games.
I use Arch btw :)
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Image of R6dle


R6dle is a website like Wordle but for Rainbow Six Siege operators. The goal is to find the operator with the least amount of tries.

Image of NatHD / NatHD SI

NatHD / NatHD SI

NatHD (Nouvelle-Aquitaine Très Haut Débit) is a regional project to deploy fiber optics in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. I also worked on the backoffice of the project, NatHD SI.

Image of React Live Chat

React Live Chat

A simple live chat application made with React and Firebase. You can create a room and chat with your friends.

Image of Portfolio


My personal portfolio. I made this website to showcase my projects and skills.

Image of B1P B0UP - My First Discord Bot

B1P B0UP - My First Discord Bot

B1P B0UP is a simple Discord bot made with Discord.js and Node.js. It can do some auto moderation and some fun commands. It's archived now.




Web Development

Building websites using TypeScript, NodeJs, Bun, and Tailwind CSS.


Deployment & Cloud Services

Deploying and managing applications on the cloud with AWS, GCP and else.


Database Management

Storing and organizing data efficiently with SQL and NoSQL databases or Firebase.


Continuous Integration

Using CI/CD pipelines to automate the deployment process with GitHub Actions, GitlabCI or CircleCI.

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